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Month: September 2015

Podcast Day: Why Podcasting

Podcast Day

IPD-Round-400I did this quick snippet for Podcast day on an Electronic Media Collective Podcast Day special.


International Podcast Day is on September 30th.  I encourage you to check out some podcasts and leave iTunes reviews or generally just communicate with the creators of your favorite podcasts. I unfortunately forget to let my favorite podcasters know that yes I’m listening and yes I really enjoy all the work that they put into getting a great piece of audio out there on the internet FOR FREE. Now that I’m a podcaster myself it strikes me just how important it is to hear:

1. someone is in fact listening and

2. they like what I do.

So please let your favorite shows know you are out there and that you care 🙂

After the jump I’ll post a few of my favorites. Enjoy!



I like a lot of podcasts so this is just a short list of some of my favorites. If you like some of the same I’d love to discuss the ones you like or if you have a recommendation of a podcast you think I’d like please let me know by leaving a comment below!