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Month: December 2015

Episode 002: The ART of Fun

The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast:

Episode #2 The ART of Fun


In this episode Jesse chats with 5th-6th grade art teacher Geoff Semrad about how challenging, rewarding, and fun being an art teacher can be. Also…. PROBLEM SOLVING!

Couldn’t find the Kylie Scaring video but I DID find this video of Geoff impersonating Robert Goulet: 

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Episode 001: Off to a Wheel Good Start

The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast:

Episode #1 Off to a Wheel Good Start


In this first episode I introduce the basic premise of the show. Which is we spend most of our day at work, we should enjoy our jobs we should have a little fun while we’re at it. While Hobbies ARE fun a lot of hobbies take a good amount of work. How do we have fun at work and work hard at having fun? I’m bound and determined to figure it out.


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00:00:51 – Welcome and intro roll


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What’s Turning Cart Wheels?

00:02:05 – What IS The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast about?!

00:02:36 – It’s about fun but… what IS fun?

00:04:55 – Hey Kiefer! What do YOU do for a living?!

00:06:20 – The Mystery of the Podcast name is SOLVED!

00:07:22 – Hey Kiefer! What do you do for FUN?!




00:08:57 – The Grawlix Podcast:


Arriving in Airplane Mode


00:09:32 – Arriving in Airplane Mode

00:11:38 – How Jesse uses Airplane Mode (Meditation)

00:12:36 – A Story about Jesse’s Dogs… wait… WHAT?!



00:19:29 – What’s coming soon on Turning Cart Wheels?

00:19:55 – Find and subscribe to the podcast on

00:20:35 – How to contact the show!


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