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Episode 005: No Predictor of Fun

The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast:

Episode #5 No Predictor of Fun


Thank you to everyone who has left an iTunes review lately they are really helping! Just this morning I checked and found that we had risen to the #16 slot on itunes New and Noteworthy “Hobbies” Category! Thank you so much and keep those good vibes coming I really appreciate the feedback!


Also Thank you to Brandon Lipani who recently had myself and Randal Silvey on his show The Technology Geek it was a blast and I encourage you to check out that episode

In this Solo Format Show we discuss:

  • We touch on introversion and really look at how fun is individualized
  • How I went to a Toga Murder Mystery Party
  • We talk about how describing meditation to others (who don’t already meditate) can be tricky

Other stuff I mention:

Global Advertising in a Global Culture by Thomas H. P. Gould

Know Your Meme: “It will be fun,” they said

000 it will be fun

This episode is brought to you by created by the incredible Axton Kahler. If you like zombies but don’t always want them so much scary as hilarious then you NEED to read Zombie Oaks. 


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