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Episode 014: Purple Haze

The Turing Cart Wheels Podcast

Episode 14: Purple Haze


In this Solo Format Show I discuss:


  • Hipsters
  • New Kids on the Block
  • Power Rangers
  • Twilight
  • Pokemon Go
  • and how all of this relates to… wearing Purple Glasses?

Disclaimer: I am not a sociologist, an anthropologist, or even a statistician.

I also mention:

The Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network and various new shows

EMC Pod Network:

Make Dad Read Comics:

Make Dad Read Battling Boy Episode (Jesse writes in to the show):

I am now USING my instagram Username: kieferjesse

I am now on Snapchat: Username: lazerkiefer


Also we are proud members of the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network

Let us know, what do you do to keep your work fun or what is the work that you put into your fun? Let us know and I’ll read or respond to you here on the show.


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