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Subscribe to the Turning Cart Wheels Podcast

Thank you so much for your interest in the Podcast! Below you will find additional information about how you can subscribe so you never miss an episode.

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The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast is currently in a soft launch:

Kinda like a beta test so in order to subscribe you will need to subscribe to the RSS feed or manually add the feed into your favorite pod-catching service.  Below you will see instructions for adding the podcast to iTunes…

How to subscribe to a podcast RSS feed in iTunes

After opening iTunes on navigation menu, go to File => Subscribe to Podcast


That will open up a little box. Copy the following link and paste it into the “url” box:

Confirm by clicking on “OK” and boom! you are set to receive the Turning Cartwheels Podcast on iTunes!

(We will do a full launch in early 2016 at which point we will include links for subscriptions to various popular pod-catching services)