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Episode 010: Auto Pilot aka Distracted Living

The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast:

Episode 010: Auto Pilot aka Distracted Living



Image By Emily Boston


In this week’s show we are back to Airplane Mode as we talk about the sensation of living very distracted. 

In this Solo Format Show I discuss:

  • Being Super Distracted
  • How I recognized that I was was Distracted
  • 7 Ways to shake things up and be more present

I also mention:

The Technology Geek Podcast Wrestlemania Rundown Show I guested on: 

The Headspace Review Episode:

The Distracted Mind Documentary (Dr. Adam Gazzaley)

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Episode 009: No Complaints

The Turning Cart Wheels Podcast:

Episode 009: No Complaints




In this week’s show we discuss something we’ve likely all done and that is venting to a coworker. Otherwise known as… airing complaints. 

In this Solo Format Show I discuss:

  • The nature of venting… is it good? is it bad? Is it both?
  • What should we consider before we vent?
  • What are some alternatives to venting or ways to get out in front of things so we won’t feel the need to vent so much?

ERRATA: I refer to the 15 minute Journal… it’s the 5 Minute Journal ALSO I call it the “25 day No Complaint Challenge” it’s actually “The 21 day No complaining experiment” my apologies! Check the resources links below for the correct info.

Thank you to Kori Miller for her iTunes review of the show as well as her kind shout out on her AWESOME show The Womanly Art of Self-Defense.

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Also we are proud members of the Electronic Media Collective Podcast Network